JJPTR – The New Plan

JJPTR has been the talk of many in recent days.  Many thanks to the mainstream media whom has been covering it almost on a daily basis.   Despite all the threats,  Johnson Lee, the founder of JJPTR, remain in touch and provide updates regularly.  In his latest update, he has come out with a new plan, which is basically a split platform, and promised his investors that he will refund the capital to all his present JJPTR investors in due time.

The new plan, a split platform, is different from the monthly ROI type of scheme.  The new plan promises a higher return, but much questions were left unanswered.  I personally have little interest to continue investing in it.


JJPTR – JJPTR is now in BNM’s Alert List

At the end of February, JJPTR was added to the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM / Malaysia Central Bank)’s alert list.  Although it is merely to alert the public, it has received a lot of attention from the mainstream media.  Many investors were in fear and I believe many choose to withdraw their investment.  This is truely a time of stress test for JJPTR.  Shortly after the BNM announcement and wide coverage by mainstream media, it was time for JJPTR to distribute the 30th cutoff payouts.  Many were watching it closely.  JJPTR continue to distribute its payouts without problem.

There is always other alternatives out there for those who chose to withdraw.